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Winter Ice Storms

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Freezing rain can be one of winters deadliest challenges. Snow passing through a warmer layer of air turns to rain and freezes on contact when is hits the subfreezing temperature back on the ground.

Ice storms make transportation nearly impossible and very dangerous. Your best bet in an event like this is to stay where you are (if your current situation is safe and not out in the blistering cold haha). If you have the time and you are expecting an event like this it is always a good idea to stock up on essentials Food, Water, first aid, etc. Make sure you have meals that don’t require cooking or much preparation as more the likely you will experience power loss. Small propane camping stoves or a propane grill are a good resource in this situation.

Wide spread power outages are very likely in winter ice storms. The ice accumulations are very heavy and can bring down power lines, transmission towers, trees and tree branches once the ice has built up to ¼ of an inch or more. Difficult transportation will make it hard utility companies to restore power to working order. It’s a good idea to have generator and gasoline ready in case of emergency this way you can at least run the essentials (Furnace, Refrigerator, appliances to cook, etc.). Don’t waste the extra power on unimportant things like entertainment; its better to stay in stay warm and read a good book to wait out the storm.

If going out in the storm is a must; stock your vehicle with food, water, a blanket, hand warmers and make sure your vehicle has enough fuel to stay running if stranded for a period of time. Make sure you are wearing boots, gloves, a winter coat and hat. Be prepared for the worst

If you find yourself exposed in a winter ice storm seek shelter immediately.

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