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Winter Activities

Winter Activities

Cabin fever setting in? This tends to be the time of year where I am turning my mind towards spring and if you’re like me, that can really start to get to you when your just watching another 4 inches of snowfall out your window haha. So instead of sitting around and waiting for spring lets look at some fun winter activities that can make that last stretch of winter a little less dull.

Go for a winter hike

That’s right get those boots on grab your day pack and head out for some fresh air. If you look around some people may be able to find well-groomed winter trails in county or state parks nearby, if you’re not trying to get “off the trail” this may be a really good option for you. Those “off the trail” hikes could be a much more challenging hike in the winter snow so bust out those snow shoes (if you have a pair) and get moving.

Take the Kids Sledding

Head out to the garage rummage around and find those old sleds you put up last spring. Getting the kids out of the house is GREAT for them this time of year. Sledding is a great opportunity to get that active exercise that us and our children miss out on so much this time of year. Head out to the nearest sledding hill and have fun.

Ice Fishing

Pack up your gear. Get your fishing buddy and head out to the lake. Ice fishing can be an awesome winter activity. Check your ice! Every year nearly 8,000 people die from drowning after falling through the ice. Safety should always be your number one priority. Weather your heading out to just jig for a couple of gills or your setting tip-ups to pull some massive Northern Pike out through the ice this style of fishing can be very exciting. Not to mention how great a fish fry tastes after you’ve been out on the ice all day. Below is an ice safety chart.

Ice climbing

This one is out there for the adventure seekers. I personally have not had the chance to try this but my uncle just went ice climbing and it looked like a blast. If you can find a guided spot near you go check it out.

Eben Ice caves in Michigan’s upper peninsula

Located just outside of Marquette Michigan the Eben ice caves are on of Michigan’s many winter attractions. Every year when melting snow starts to freeze over the edge of a small cliff the ice caves are formed. To reach the caves it is about a ¾ mile hike from the parking area, it’s a mix of flat terrain and uphill climb. Ice cleats have been recommended also snow shoes if your visiting just after a large snow storm. This trip could be a fun adventure of sight seeing for the family. Not in the area? Look for similar attractions around your area.

There are many many more enjoyable winter activities than I have listed here skiing, cross country skiing, rabbit hunting, coyote hunting, cold weather camping, the old reliable building a snow fort with the kids etc. We here at life prepper are just trying to get the ideas rolling.

No matter what you excuse is to get up get out and kick the winter blues make sure you are prepared for the situation. Dress and layer right for the circumstances, winter can be one of the most unpredictable times of the year and you may find yourself having to deal with unwarranted issues. Inclement weather, car issues, travel conditions etc. Go out stretch your legs and have fun this winter. Remember spring is still jut around the corner.

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