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How to Prepare yourself for Civil unrest and Riots

With the latest developments in the united states now more than ever one must call into question “Am I prepared to protect myself and my family through a riot or civil unrest confrontation?” Weather your world views support or disapprove of the current police riots one must understand these situations can turn from peaceful protests to violent dangerous situations with one toss of a brick. Things happen quickly and you may not want to find yourself in the midst of chaos when SHTF.

Situational Awareness

The ability to read a situation can be one of your greatest tools. Determining if it’s a good idea to drive your vehicle down a route you would normally take isn’t so simple when these situations are riding such a fine line. If your on foot and the assembly or situation does generally feel positive and safe you may be right however the moment things start to make you feel uneasy or aggressions start to rise trust your instincts and make your way to the outside of the group as to not be stuck in the masses if at chance things do turn for the worse. Best way to be safe is to avoid these areas all together if you are aware there is to be a compromising situation, but you may live close to where the mobs have gathered, and confrontation may be all but unavoidable. Be aware and trust your instincts to make the best call if you are to stay or go.

First Aid / Medical Supplies

Take inventory of any and all your first aid and medical supplies. This includes any prescription drugs or medications your and your family may need on a daily basis. These supplies may be hard to get in the heat of the moment if civil unrest ensues.

Self Defense Systems

Setup your personal self-defense systems. If you own firearms and you feel practiced safe and secure now is the time to take notice and prepare yourself in a way that will protect yourself and your family. Personal self defense will also play a big role. How do you hold yourself as a person? Are you a martial artist or do you have experience in a confrontation? Whatever training you may have hold it close and use these lessons to keep yourself safe weather you’re in the face of confrontation or waiting behind closed doors read your situation and be prepared you defend yourself and your family in anyway possible. Security cameras, defensive shooting and hand to hand combat could all play a key role in keeping yourself safe use all these tools in a manner to promote your health and security.


Stock up on essentials. You should have about two weeks’ worth of food and water stored in your home. Even if you live in an apartment a couple buckets of freeze-dried long-term storage food its better than nothing, they don’t take up much space and are mobile if you need to quickly be on the go.

Be Mobile

Gather all of your essential supplies. Medical, food, water, clothes, a flashlight, and any means of self-defense you have. If you can, pack light. Pack everything you “NEED”. In the event that a riot has got out of hand and you get displaced from your home either by smashed windows, looters, rioters, and in the event your building becomes a structure fire you will need the ability to move fast. A way to do this is to pack all those essential items into one backpack or “Bug out Bag” per person. You want this to be light I would suggest Maximum ¼ of your body weight but if you can go much lighter than that please do or you won’t be able to run or move quickly in the event your trying to escape a fire or physical altercations.

Have a plan

In conclusion I would say the best way to be prepared is have a plan. If you feel there is a chance you could be separated from loved one or displaced from your home have a safe alternate location to meet at in an unpopulated area. This will allow you to have pre planed routes that easily traveled. Know who’s grabbing what in their bags. Remember some sort of plan even if its not the most thought out and thorough is better than no plan. Be safe, Be prepared.

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