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A word from Life Prepper

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The aim of this project is, has, and will always be to prepare for real life. The disasters and situations that are more likely to occur mixed in with the big bad societal collapse scenarios. The link between preparation for these smaller scale almost inevitable events and the much harsher calamities can be easily overlooked. The most common idea of a "Prepper" is the Doomsday Prepper. One who is preparing for an event that would change "life as we know it". Now what does that mean exactly? Does changing life as we know it have to mean nuclear warfare? Absolutely not, It could be something much more mild. Job loss, a car accident, inclement weather, or anything of the sort. These are all things that would change life as you know it today, even if it is just for a short period of time. Setting yourself up for success in situations like power outages will scale up to help you if these big doomsday events were to occur.

I believe the best prep for anything is through building your skills. Skills for the most part are cheap if not free to learn. They don't weigh anything and they are hard to misplace. so pickup a book, search the internet, Seek information from an integral individual. Learn, then "keep going". Building your skill base is an investment in yourself, Build yourself. A good plan is to prioritize what skills will be most valuable to you in your unique situation and start there. for example if you like to hunt and take trips (not just hunting your own 10 acres behind the house) you have a much higher probability of being separated from your group or your camp and becoming stranded in the wilderness. A person like this may want to prioritize wilderness survival skills such as finding / making clean water, primitive shelter building, and fire making. This will differ from someone your enjoys boating or sailing on large bodies of water. This again differs from an individual whom spends the majority of their time in an urban environment. The right preparation should be based on individuality as no two persons circumstances are exactly the same at all times. There is no end all be all set of skills one person can learn to be 100% good all the time. So take a step back, make a plan, and start building "your" skill set.

"We aim to prepare for real life". As we have seen here in 2020 with the novel coronavirus or more specifically covid-19 many people were not prepared. Neither with food storage, basic essentials, nor finances. March 2020 many U.S. states closed all schools for a period of three weeks or more leaving many people with unexpected childcare needs. Some people with saved PTO could take time to care for their families, some had to take unpaid time off or worse yet leave their employment to take care of their loved ones. Others had to be laid off or work will little compensation. In cases like this it's a good rule of thumb to have a six month emergency fund saved up. This means having enough money to pay for all "essential" bills in a time on need. Mortgage, grocery, utility, etc. 2020 has been a great example of why being financially prepared can be so important. Saving little bits at a time could be all the difference between struggling to provide for your family or standing on your own two feet. When hysteria and panic sets in and all or your regular grocery supplies become limited you would be comforted to know you have a well supplied pantry to lean on for sustenance and a emergency fund to keep your life on track should things turn better.

This is just on small example why we here at Life Prepper implore you to take a step back from the fast pace of life and think ahead. Think ahead so you and your closest can not only survive but enjoy this ever changing world we all share. Skills will help you rebuild and restock your supplies. Preparation will help you stay ahead of the game. So in the midst of adversity; venture out and build some skills. Hunt, fish, boat, and barter. Grow a garden, learn blacksmithing, look to your local community for local and self sustainability. Most of all be safe, be prepared and enjoy what this crazy beautiful life has offer.

~Life Prepper

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