A Family of Outdoorsman

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We are a family of outdoorsman and woman who hold a great respect for the wild places of the world. The enjoyment we find spending time in the natural world is further supported with our efforts in wildlife and habitat conservation.

Our Mission:

                       To promote Outdoor Adventure and inspire our future generations in order to ensure the long term success of sportsman through conservation and education. 

Meet The Team


Blake Strank  Founder & Owner

A husband, a father, and a lifetime outdoorsman. I have spent my life chasing big game and big fish all over North America. Growing up, the outdoors were a way of life. No matter if we were targeting Northern Pike on the waters of the Muskegon river or hunting White Tail Deer on our family farm in Michigan, we were spending time in the great outdoors. Today I am an avid bow hunter typically choosing to bring traditional equipment to the Deer woods and an angler targeting some of the biggest fish in our region the majestic Muskellunge. My experiences between hunting Caribou in the great white north of Canada, Mule deer out west in Wyoming, White Tail deer in the Midwest, and fishing for many different species in North America have brought me to here. We would like to share our experiences with you and help promote hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures to our future generations.